Design for Deconstruction Workshop

What does Design for Deconstruction (D4D) mean to you? Design for Deconstruction (D4D) has evolved from the Welsh Governemnts Construction and Demolition Sector Plan and Constructing Excellence in Wales (CEW) has been given the task of driving this study forward.

13th March 2014

On Wednesday the 12th March CEW pulled together a group of key industry stakeholders with a mixture of expertise including Ceri Jones (Faithful & Gould), Chris Howe (Atkins), Stuart Jones (ARUP), Chris Jones (Building Standards Consultancy), Phil Farnham (Cardiff Demolition), Peter Davies (CMB Engineering) and Andrew Roberts (Paramount). 

The workshop provided a platform for the attendees to discuss the topic and to contribute to the direction of the study. It was clearly evident that for anyone to design for deconstruction at the end of asset's life commercial viability is key. However to build up a comprehensive business case the carbon impacts need to be addressed. Whilst we will need to look at this in more detail the group did propose some potential solutions including the introduction of tax breaks. Maybe this is something for the Welsh Government to consider with it's new powers!

We believe ‘Design for Deconstruction’ has the potential to become a very important part of our built environment. The feedback from this study will be circulated to the broader industry in due course and the findings will determine how we take this forward.