Design Circle RSAW: Draw the Welsh Skyline

Architects, engineers and designers are often fond of a quick sketch.

Tuesday 25th April 2017

What are your drawing skills like? Design Circle challenges you to recreate an 'Iconic Welsh Landscape'. It can be a realistic or abstract's up to you! It could be the outline of the Snowdon horseshoe, the Llandudno Bay horizon or a conceptual impression of the Cardiff bay roofscape. 

Easy? There’s a catch! You must represent your vision with a single, continuous hand-drawn line on paper. The winner will receive a £380 Mont Blanc “Star Walker Extreme” Fineliner pen generously donated by long-standing supporter Ibstock and engraved to commemorate your victory! 

Design Circle RSAW South hope to exhibit the winner and selected entrants from the competition as part of the Wales Festival of Architecture, and potentially elsewhere.

Download: Flyer