Design Circle RSAW : Creative Metro Thinking

#FlashMUD1: Rhiwbina Library & Station is the first of a planned series of creative bursts investigating the potential opportunities and advantages that could be realised as a result of the forthcoming South Wales Metro if a little imagination is applied.

Tuesday 25th April 2017

The morning is open to everyone, whether local residents or construction professionals, and will involve working in a small, mixed team to imagine what could be achieved for the sites in focus. 

Through a structured, lively workshop process, teams will explore how imagination, the long view, and a little aspiration might both be possible from the new Metro, and support the Metro's success.

For #FlashMUD1, the focus is on how the existing library and stations work against each other - the library obstructing the station - yet the two public services ought to strengthen each other’s success.

 How do we change the built environment to make both station and library more sustainable in to the future?

The event opens at 9am, with tea/coffee at the venue, and the workshops run from 9:30am to 1pm. 

Those wishing to stay and review the work are welcome to enjoy a glass of wine with us as they do. Registration is essential - all ticket income (other than that taken by Eventbrite) will be donated to charity. 

#FlashMUD1 is organised by Design Circle, a group that aims to promote the importance of a great quality built environment and the open and natural spaces that are related to it. 

The group is formally the southern branch of the Royal Society of Architects in Wales [RSAW], and represents the majority of chartered architects across Wales, but is also acts as an open forum for all those who care about the quality of our built environment who wish to get involved: Design Circle provides a professional and social platform for its members across a wide range of construction and design professions. 

Since the establishment of Design Circle, we have striven to raise the profile of quality built environment in Wales, including through the organisation of several successful high profile events and exhibitions. These include the Roath Basin Design Charette (find it on YouTube), the Reflecting Wales Exhibition, held at the National Assembly building, and the successful competition to design and build the 2012 Eisteddfod Architecture pavilion.