DECC: Heat Pump Roadshow comes to Cardiff

Just how do you capture heat from the air? heat pumps can deliver lower energy bills, greater comfort and better buildings – find out how from DECC.

19th June 2015

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is providing a series of free one-day training courses, designed to help businesses, developers and housing providers to understand how heat pumps can deliver lower energy bills, greater comfort and better buildings.

The roadshows will offer participants the chance to learn more about why heat pumps make sense, build their technical knowledge of how best to ensure good performance and understand the financing of heat pumps.

The roadshow will come to Cardiff on Thursday 2nd July. Places can be booked online  here or by calling 020 8469 1333.

Heat pumps are already used across Wales in a wide variety of locations and settings. Historic Soar Chapel in Merthyr Tydfil takes its heat from two ground source heat pumps and an underfloor heating system, installed as part of a heritage renovation project, while the National Trust’s Plas Newydd in North Wales has gained much attention for its innovative use of a water source heat pump. The stunning and sustainable Oyster Catcher restaurant in Anglesey also makes use of a ground source heat pump, and the Tir Barwn poultry farmshows how ground source heat pumps can be effective in agricultural settings.

The roadshows are designed for potential heat pump customers – such as business owners, property developers and housing providers. Priority will be given to potential customers for heat pumps, rather than installers or consultants, when allocating places at each session.

A full list of roadshow dates can be found here