Commercial Recycling Centre at Bessemer Close

Good News for Builders – Commercial Recycling Centre at Bessemer Close

26th March 2014

SME’s in the construction business can now take advantage of a cost effective and simple solution for the disposal of waste from their projects in the Cardiff area.

Cardiff Council has the taken a bold step opening a new amenity centre at Bessemer Close Cardiff which intends to provide a simple safe and cost effective solution for relatively small quantities of waste. With landfill tax increasing year on year and a minimum tonnage often set at landfill sites, this new service will offer financial savings to small businesses, encouraging segregation of waste streams at source, with the intention to increase levels of recycling. In an ideal world this service would be free of charge but Cardiff Council has a duty to ensure that the operation is at worst cost neutral . Nevertheless the scale of charges has been very carefully calculated in order to make an attractive offer to the commercial market.

Construction trade organisations such as the Federation of Master Builders have campaigned for a long time for access to amenity sites for their members and we are sure they will join Constructing Excellence in Wales applauding the initiative. CEW will be hoping to work closely with Cardiff Council to monitor the success of the scheme and then develop a model which can be rolled out across Wales.

Further details and the charges can be viewed by visiting the Cardiff Council Website using the link below