Coed Cymru: Do You Value Welsh Timber?

Used professionally, skilfully and sustainably, timber is one of the great Welsh building materials with which wonderful projects can be created and tremendous value added to our environment.

24th July 2015

CEW are big supporters of the sustainable use of Welsh timber, which is why we are backing Coed Cymru: The Welsh timber Supply Chain in Action on 28th July – you can find out more by clicking on the link to our event

Coed Cymru RDP SCE project managers Tabitha Binding and Dylan Jones were tasked with building and expand links within the Welsh timber supply chain, from forest to finished product through the projects Improving The Supply Chain For: Low Value Welsh Timber; Welsh Endgrain Flooring.

The successful projects have culminated in two permanent Welsh timber buildings on the Royal Welsh Agricultural Showground – A new contemporary 1.5 storey Tŷ Unnos Pavilion is sited alongside the first Tŷ Unnos building, the Smithsonian Pavilion, which has been dismantled for a 4th time, adjusted and reconstructed, as an open sided ‘Drying Shed’.

Come and meet the team of Wales based architects, engineers, timber suppliers, sawmills, manufacturers, building contractors and regulators who will talk about how they have worked together to create these distinctive buildings. Tour the buildings and see a live demonstration of the air tightness testing by PYC.

You can find out just how well timber frame dwellings perform. Ask how can we add thermal mass to buffer temperature extremes? Can waste wood shavings be used as insulation? Bath University, Plant Fibre Technology and Specialist Precast Products will speak about wood shaving insulation, Woodcrete flooring and the ongoing monitoring process.

If you grow, mill, use or specify Welsh timber then this event is for you. 

Find out more from the CEW team on 02920 493322 or visit the event pages