CEWales Active Travel Training

Active travel – walking and riding a bicycle – is at the heart of Welsh Government policy to create a healthier Wales and connect our communities. It’s why Welsh Government introduced the Active Travel (Wales) Act in 2013 and it’s why more funds have been allocated and new guidance provided. Welsh construction can make the policy a reality on the ground, so, designers, planners and policy makers really understand what is meant by Active Travel?

Are the principles of Active Travel Act applied at every opportunity? Do you know what they are?

To get the best professional advice, training and guidance delivered by Phil Jones Associates (PJA) on behalf of CE Wales sign up for our online Active Travel learning and development sessions. Four sessions of 90-minutes over two weeks costs £230/person.

Dates for training are – 6th, 8th and 13th , 15th of July and 21st, 23rd and 28th and 30th of September. Courses are limited to 15 places. More dates will be available in the autumn.

Active Travel is an inherently good thing. All of us benefit from exercise and movement. But it is overlooked, practitioners isolated and often schemes are not connected.

CEWales training joins those dots.

This training provides a solid introduction to walking and cycling and is suitable for anyone up and down the supply chain. From professionals in transport planning, transport policy, highway engineering, development planning and road safety on the client and consultant side to contractors delivering the project. Following the sessions clients and consultants will be able to plan a cycling and walking network, knowing the key issues which underpin best practice planning and design. Contractors will be equipped with an holistic understanding of Active Travel so they can pursue best practice on site, and be confident to challenge the plans and instructions from clients. The course allows all construction professionals to think beyond the red line.

Delivered by PJA, our training is coordinated by Just Ride the Bike and backed by CECA Wales and supported Welsh Government and Transport for Wales.

Call 02920 493322 to find out more or go to info@cewales.org.uk to register for the training and guidance.