CEW Welsh Local Authorities Capital Programme Survey

Would it help your business to know how much construction work your local authorities in Wales are planning to deliver over the next 3 years?

15th January 2014

The construction industry in Wales is heavily dependent on local authority highway and construction programmes. However, for many, the visibility of these programmes is shrouded in mystery and as a result the ability of Welsh construction businesses to prepare for these opportunities is severely hampered by this lack of visibility. The ability of Welsh local authorities to strategically plan collaborative operations is similarly hampered through a lack of knowledge about their neighbours’ plans and, in some cases, other departments in the same local authority. Thankfully this is all about to change! 

When the Minister for Finance and Leader of the House formally launched the Constructing Excellence in Wales “No Turning Back” report in October 2010 she created a cross sector construction industry steering group to respond to the recommendations. One of the key issues was the industry’s need for greater visibility of future construction programmes and clarity over public sector capital programme spend. In response to this Constructing Excellence in Wales has been working with all Welsh local authorities to pull together their capital programmes and present these in one single document spanning 3 financial years – and to roll this forward year on year.

Whilst the data represents a huge step forward in terms of visibility to the construction industry and other local authority clients there are further opportunities to improve this data. We would like your views on what improvements you would like to see.

The report containing the capital programmes of all Welsh local authorities for 2013-2017 is now available via this link to the Constructing Excellence in Wales website. The data is presented in a booklet format and can be viewed either on a regional or sectorial basis.

The following survey is aimed at addressing areas of concern regarding the programme and for respondents to offer feedback on they feel the programme is progressing. Your responses will be kept confidential within CEW & Value Wales and your opinions will help to formulate how we develop the capital programme in the future.

Please complete the CEW's Local Authority Capital Programme Survey