CEW Award Winners 2013 - What Makes a High Achiever?

It is probably easier to win a CEW Award that is project based or team oriented that as an individual. After all, construction works around a team – preferably one that is integrated.

26th February 2014

But every team needs a leader, someone with vision. And it is these individuals that we want you to think about when you make a recommendation for the CEW Achiever's Award.

Vince Hanly, of Rhondda Cynon Taf CBC, won in 2013 and then went onto be named as the achiever for the CE National Awards too – but what is it about him that stands out? Well, for a start anyone working in the public sector – particularly within construction – has to be able to see beyond the bureaucracy and find a way to encourage team working, collaboration and the pursuit of best practice. It is the only way to achieve value for money, keep costs in budget and deliver tough Welsh Government targets on sustainability and community benefits. But they do one extra thing as well, they look to people like Vince Hanly as examples of how to not just complete landmark schemes, but to finish the job and successfully achieve Government targets into the bargain. 

That’s what Vince Hanly managed as the inspirational influence behind the innovative ECI procurement commencing in 2003 for the award winning Porth Relief Road. He subsequently led the procurement for the equally successful Church Village bypass where the approach to community benefits set a new standard of best practice. As service director, for procurement in Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council, his vision for what was an £85M scheme, enabled the construction team to limit the amount of waste dumped as landfill, reduce the numbers of transport movements and provide significant benefits to the environment by avoiding a river diversion as well as engage 47 long term unemployed in training boosting their future prospects.  

Porth Relief Road was a template from which others learned and that is what marks out Vince as an achiever. The industry watched, learned and followed Vince’s example again when he took charge of the Church Village Bypass. This award winning scheme has been written about countless times, but it is a landmark scheme in terms of sustainability and community benefits – all driven by the collaborative procurement managed by Vince Hanly, because he does not just talk, he walks the talk. If you can think of people with the same degree of influence, commitment and impact then please recommend them for the 2014 CEW Awards.