CECA Workload Trends Survey

About the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and Workload Trends

20th February 2014

About the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and Workload Trends

The number of contractors taking part in CECA’s 2013 Q4 survey totalled 107. The survey responses are weighted by size of firm to ensure that results are representative of the industry. The results displayed are typically weighted balances and are calculated by taking the difference between firms reporting an increase in workloads, for example, and the proportion of firms experiencing a fall.

CECA has over 300 member firms which carry out more than 80% of all civil engineering work in Great Brit-ain. The quarterly CECA survey of civil engineering workload trends, in which more than a third of the mem-bership takes part, tests for changes over the past year in contractors’ workload, workforce, order books, cost trends, and tender prices. It also examines the supply situation for key resources, and contractors’ ex-pectations of trends in new orders and employment in the coming 12 months. Full reports of the CECA survey are available to non-members; £30 per single copy or £100 for an annual subscription.

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