Building Healthy Teams Stress Management Course

This workshop has been designed to help participants to build effective, high-performing teams, where people feel good about coming to work and feel proud of their shared achievements.

24th October 2014

Since the recession many people lost their jobs as companies struggled to reduce costs. Whilst this was challenging for these individuals, those remaining in work found themselves working even harder to keep the business going, trying their hardest to cover the work that others had been doing.

Now, as the construction sector recovers, organisations and individuals are likely to run the risk of becoming over-extended. Although stress–related ill-health has always been an unfortunate aspect of working in Construction, the problem appears to be growing at the same time that the industry is being challenged to manage Health as diligently as it does Safety.
The workshop will help participants to:

  • Build high-performing project teams
  • Improve the personal health and wellbeing of their people
  • Recognise the conditions that cause stress-related illness.
  • Identify the link between productivity and wellbeing

Workshop delivery will draw on a wide range of techniques including training and development, behavioural approaches, and coaching and mentoring.
There will be a maximum of 12 participants per workshop.

Workshop participants will receive a complimentary copy of ‘Teamwork Not Paperwork: A practical guide to using the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations to deliver better projects’. Written by the workshop facilitators, this book is a helpful guide to improving project efficiency and ensuring legal compliance by developing high-performing project teams.

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