BRE Wales: Call For Evidence on the Failure of External and Cavity Wall Insulation in Wales

BRE Wales: Call For Evidence on the Failure of External and Cavity Wall Insulation in Wales

6th February 2015

Background to the call for evidence

There is a significant rise in the numbers of reported issues of condensation and mould growth in properties that have received insulation measures over the last 15 years. Increases in the occurrence of mould growth, condensation and other related issues are increasing significantly in properties that appear to have been insulated with techniques and materials that may not be suitable for the construction, exposure or location of the dwellings.


BRE Wales has been commissioned by the Wales Low Zero Carbon Hub to undertake research into the reported increase in failure of insulation measures and then report on failure rates and remediation costs for these measures that will include cavity wall insulation and external wall insulation. The aim of the project is to undertake a scoping exercise to ascertain the extent of the problem in Wales, and the likely cost of remediating the works, and the impact on reported carbon reduction measures by the work.


To establish an understanding of the scale we are looking for the cases, where wall insulation of any description has been undertaken where problems are now being reported. If you have been aware of any of the reported issues of premature failure, please respond to this call by answering the following questions:

  • Type of insulation done (EWI, CWI)
  • Location
  • Number of properties  done
  • % of failures
  • Type of problems (mould growth, condensation, insulation degradation)
  • Would you be happy to have a follow up call?

Please send your answers to BRE . If you have any questions or need additional information, please call: 01792630111. The deadline for the “Call for Evidence” should be the end of February