BRE: Smart in yellow?

All BRE digital users are being briefed on important changes to SmartWaste and YellowJacket that every user needs to be aware of – are you up to speed?

3rd Ocotber 2016

As some of you may already be aware BRE are launching a new SiteSmart brand during October. Their current software tools, SmartWaste and YellowJacket, will be hosted under this new brand which creates a BRE centralised hub that unites a number of construction industry information and resource needs. 

This comes following feedback from users such as yourself indicating a need for a unified hub providing access not only to the software tools, but also relevant information, publications, training and opportunities regarding performance improvement throughout supply chains, sites, projects and programs, and a dedicated support centre. 

What’s different about the new SiteSmart Website? 

There are a number of aspects which will be improved from the current SmartWaste and YellowJacket websites including: 

    1. Distinct hubs focused on the areas of health & safety, environmental impacts, process improvement and data
      These will provide focused centres directing you to relevant publications, software and training in these subject areas
    2. A dedicated case study page, with stories and content from your peers in the industry, will help you see the potential of each of our tools and services
    3. Regularly updated blogs will keep you up-to-date with the latest additions to their tools, relevant news items and insider knowledge from their team, customers and industry experts. 

SiteSmart is not static. It is a constantly evolving platform for continuous addition and improvement to tools and services; fulfilling the aim of creating a consolidated information source which enhances performance across all aspects and stages of construction. Just like Google, SiteSmart will always be in Beta. 

What will immediately change and how will it affect me? 

  1. SmartWaste and YellowJacket logins will be hosted on the SiteSmart website. The current SmartWaste and YellowJacketpublic websites will be taken offline; you will still be able to access the respective login pages through the direct URL and your login details will remain the same. 
  2. Future communications from their team will be associated with the SiteSmart brand. Following public launch in late October all public communications – including LinkedIn groups, and social media outlets - will also be associated with the SiteSmart brand. 

Users of SmartWaste will experience their first update under the SiteSmart branding in November. This update will occur as normal with the introduction of SiteSmart having no impact on how you experience our software tool updates. 

Want to find out more?

Come along to their first combined YellowJacket and SmartWaste members’ conference on Thursday 10th November, where you will have the opportunity to find out more about SiteSmart first-hand. They will not only be discussing the software products but hosting open discussions on topics such as data/KPI, training and skills and process improvement. There are only 30 spaces left, so book your space now 

If you have any questions regarding SiteSmart, the conference, the SmartWaste update, or any other query please contact the customer support team: 

General enquiries - , 03330 430 644
SmartWaste Customer Services and Technical Support –, 01923 664 471
YellowJacket Customer Services and Technical Support –, 03330 147 878