BEST: Don’t waste the opportunity

As part of your commitment to best practice- free courses are available in site waste management, designing out waste and designing for deconstruction.

21st May 2015

Waste is still a significant issue for the construction and demolition industry in Wales. The sector accounts for a sizeable proportion of all waste produced in Wales. We are doing better especially with regard to diverting waste from landfill and there have been some great results in the past 12 months – the CEW intervention programme to date has resulted in 211,440 tonnes of waste being diverted from landfill – but we now have to move up the waste hierarchy and focus on prevention. Hence, the emphasis placed on education. There are three courses available in June and July as part of the Welsh School of Architecture’s BEST project, a project sponsored by CEW.

The site waste management workshop focuses on the legal and policy frameworks and opportunities to make savings by adopting best practices.  The Design out Waste course does exactly what it says on the tin – advocating that better procurement, planning and design will minimise waste at the outset, helping to improve material efficiencies and achieve cost savings. Last, but not least, the Design for Deconstruction workshop serves to educate the industry about the way in which we construct and deconstruct our built environment and the possibilities, benefits and cost savings of implementing design for deconstruction. The courses are fully subsidised for those living and working in the convergence areas of Wales. For more information and to register please contact by email or call 02920 875968