Are We Building the Right Homes in Wales?

Constructing Excellence in Wales, in partnership with Welsh Government’s Homes and Places team, will be hosting three workshops in June to hear directly from SME developers providing new homes in Wales.

8th May 2015

Whether your business is leading the way with sustainable design, integrating fabric first principles or using renewable technologies in low carbon housing join us to take part in discussions. Through this series of workshops we hope to determine whether Welsh SME developers are keen and able to offer a different delivery model to meet the housing needs in Wales.

Our half day workshops will provide an opportunity for Welsh Government and SME developers to discuss directly their experiences of constructing new homes in Wales. Are current policies working? What are the barriers and challenges and how could they be overcome? What support does your business need to expand?

Join us at your local workshop to hear directly from Welsh Government and to ensure your company’s successes and any barriers you encounter are heard.

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